After over two years of intensive development, it’s finally here: We are delighted to introduce you to the latest version of our software, the new MAXQDA 2018. And there are plenty of reasons to be excited: We have added over 60 new features, including seven newly developed analysis tools offering innovative ways to evaluate your data.We have also significantly improved many of our core features. Getting started with MAXQDA has never been easier, with simplified access to both new and well-known existing functions.

Please have a look at all new 2018 features!

MAXQDA is a state-of-the-art QDA software for professional text analysis. The first version of MAXQDA was released in 1989 hence it is a pioneer in the field of the qualitative data analysis. For researchers and research institutions from various scientific disciplines around the world MAXQDA has been the number one choice for many years. Maxqda is a powerful tool for knowledge management, developing theories, and testing the theoretical conclusions of an analysis. It is used in a wide range of academic and non-academic disciplines, such as in Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Anthropology, Education, Marketing, Economics, and Urban Planning.

MAXQDA has 3 different versions, please choose the one that suits you best! Please have a look for a detailed comparison.

MAXQDA Standard

MAXQDA Standard is our core product, that was up to now named“MAXQDA”. It is the perfect solution for researchers working with diverse datasets. MAXQDA Standard works with a wide range of data types and offerspowerful tools for advanced coding, retrieval, transcription and visualization,while still being easy to learn and use.


This established product stays in our portfolio. MAXQDA Plus contains anadditional module for quantitative text analysis which enables researchers tofacilitate quantitative text analysis into qualitative research projects. Allquantitative text analysis features are gathered in the “MAXDictio” menu ofMAXQDA Plus: Dictionary based analysis, Vocabulary analysis, quantitivecontent analysis.

MAXQDA Analytics Pro

MAXQDA Analytics Pro integrates a comprehensive module for statisticalanalysis into MAXQDA. MAXQDA project data can now be statistically analyzedand data sets from Excel, SPSS, or other statistical software can be importedand analyzed together with the qualitative data corpus. MAXQDA Analytics Prois the all-in-one solution for qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodsresearch.

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All lease licenses start at 5 users. The price shown in the order form is the 'per license' price.
All network licenses start at 5 users. The price shown is the 'per license' price. 

Nieuw - Amberscript

We zijn ontzettend trots dat we een prachtige nieuwe tool in ons assortiment hebben: Amberscript. Dè ideale aanvulling op uw kwalitatieve analyse software zoals ATLAS.ti, NVivo of Maxqda.

Amberscript zet in een handomdraai uw audio/videobestanden om in kwalitatief hoogwaardige transcripten. Niet meer eindeloos lang bezig met uw opgenomen in interviews maar direct aan de slag met een transcript. Beschikbaar in Nederlands, Engels en Duits en meer talen volgen!

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