Current Designs FORP Package 932

Use the PKG-932 to order a complete system with as many handhelds as needed. The 932 system offers a versatile and adaptive system for fMRI subject response. Select the computer interface and power supply, the computer cables, the removable bundle, along with the response devices of your choice.

The 932 package includes:

* 932 Electronic Interface
* Power supply and plug adapters
* Twelve-fiber removable bundle available in 3 lengths
* Response devices of your choice
* Computer cables For more information on each item go to the fORP components menu.

New features:

» Bright display for configuration - simplifies setup
» Automatic handheld device identification - speeds up setup
» Optical triggering - no need to have an optical-TTL converter
» Faster everything - better timing, improved responsiveness
» 32 channels with automatic gain adjustment and response device identification
» Internal programs (firmware) are locally upgradeable through the USB connection
» Aluminum enclosure 7 x 5.5 x 1 in. (17.8 x 14 x 2.5 cm) User Interface
» A bright OLED display guides the user through available mode choices
» Selections are retained and become active again on subsequent power-ups
» Button states and triggers are indicated with LEDs (for up to 10 buttons) Outputs
» The primary output for most users is the full speed USB output which simplifies interfacing to any hardware or program
» RS-232 serial and TTL parallel outputs are also available for special interfacing needs and for support of older programs and computers Inputs
» 12-way optical port connects with any of our existing handheld devices. Most devices are automatically recognized and calibrated, which streamlines setup and changing configurations.
» Both optical and TTL triggers inputs eliminates need for an additional optical-to-TTL trigger converter box.

Availabe response devices:
2 Button Blue Yellow
2 Button Green Red
4 Button Bimanual
4 Button Diamond
4 Button Inline
4 Button Curve Right
4 Button Curve Left
5 Button Diamond
5 Button Cylinder
8 Button Bimanual Curved Lines
8 Button Bimanual Straight Lines
Pyka 8 Button Bimanual
Trackball 2
Scroll Click
Grip Force
Finger Tapper
Pneumatic Squeeze Ball
Grip Force Bimanual
Finger Tapper Bimanual
Pneumatic Squeeze Ball Bimanual

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Current Designs FORP Package 932

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