Current Designs FORP Package 904

New low cost PKG-904 for fMRI subject response. Includes the computer interface, USB cable, and the removable fiber optic bundle, along with the response pad of your choice. The complete 904 fMRI subject response package includes the following items.

* 904 Electronic Interface
* Eight-fiber removable bundle available in 3 lengths
* Response pad of your choice
* USB cable
* Carrying case

For more information on each item go to the fORP components. The heart of the package is the new FIU-904 which has many of the enhanced features of the new 932 interface including:

* Redesigned Packaging: Thinner enclosure, more compact connectors, splitting functions between connections and user functions.
* Firmware Field Upgradeable: New modes can be installed easily by the user.
* Optical Gain Self Calibration
* Both Optical and BNC Trigger-In: 
More scanner flexibility.

Available Reponse Pads:

2 Button Blue Yellow 
2 Button Green Red 
4 Button Bimanual
4 Button Diamond 
4 Button Inline 
4 Button Curve Right 
4 Button Curve Left 
4 Button Bimanual
4 Side Button Cylinder
1 Top 3 Side Button Cylinder
Scroll Click 
Grip Force 
Finger Tapper 

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ab 1.724,14 €
Current Designs FORP Package 904

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