Current Designs FORP Tethyx

Joystick Fiber Optic Response Pad for computer research tasks in fMRI and MEG.
Requires the 932 interface and 12 fiber bundle. All plastic construction.


Current Designs' new fMRI joystick is the perfect choice for a wide range of computer response tasks used in the human brain mapping project. It is non-magnetic, non-electronic, and entirely made out of plastic, so will not add noise to the images or raise safety concerns in the MR/MEG room or similarly demanding environments.


• Handheld for the 932 interface
• Two axis shaft encoder control
• Angular range: 30 degrees (+/-15 degrees).
• A wide variety of serial and USB outputs are available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers for high speed and demanding applications
• Two 1 in. (2.5 cm) long levers on grip for thumb and trigger buttons.
• Grip: 4.5 tall (11.5 cm)
• Overall height: 6.0 in. ( cm); Base: 1.5 in.(3.75 cm) high, 4.5 in. (11.25 cm) diameter
• 10 ft (3 m) long fiber pigtailed connector
• Requires 8-channel removable fiber optic bundle (BNSC-55-12, BNSC-80-12 or BNSC-100-12)
• Active light levels for handheld identification and gain adjustment


This handheld response device needs an electronic interface to function. Depending on the setup, a removable fiber bundle is also required.

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Current Designs FORP Tethyx