Current Designs FORP Package 905

New low cost PKG-905 for fMRI subject response. Includes the computer interface, USB cable, and the removable fiber optic bundle, along with a 5-button response pad of your choice.

The complete 905 fMRI subject response package includes the following items.

* 905 Electronic Interface
* Twelve-fiber removable bundle available in 3 lengths
* 5-button response pad of your choice 
* USB cable
* Carrying case

For more information on each item go to the fORP components.

The heart of the package is the new FIU-905 which has many of the enhanced features of the new 932 interface including:

* Redesigned Packaging: Thinner enclosure, more compact connectors, splitting functions between connections and user functions.
* Firmware Field Upgradeable: New modes can be installed easily by the user.
* Optical Gain Self Calibration
* Both Optical and BNC Trigger-In: More scanner flexibility.

Available Reponse Pads:

5 Button Diamond
5 Button Cylinder

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Current Designs FORP Package 905

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